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Anti Money Laundering Policy

For more Information Visit Bank Of Uganda AML Policy

NooR Forex Bureau is committed to the highest standards of the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorist Financing, and requires the management, and employees to follow the named standards.

Money laundering – the process of converting funds, received from illegal activities (such as fraud, corruption, terrorism, etc.), into other funds or investments that look legitimate to hide or distort the real source of funds..

NooR Forex Bureau examines its AML strategies and objectives on an ongoing basis, and maintains an effective AML policy that reflects its best practices as a domestic financial services provider.

NooR Forex Bureau providing services on the financial market adheres to the principles of Anti-Money Laundering and actively prevents any actions that aim or facilitate the process of legalizing of illegally gained funds. AML policy means preventing the use of the company's services by criminals, with the aim of money laundering, terrorist financing or other criminal activity.

For this purpose, a strict policy on the detection, prevention and warning of the corresponding bodies of any suspicious activities was introduced by the company. A complex electronic system for identifying every company's client and conducting a detailed history of all operations was introduced as well.

To prevent money laundering, NooR Forex Bureau neither accepts nor pays cash under any circumstances. The company reserves the right to suspend any client's operation, which can be regarded as illegal or, may be related to money laundering in the opinion of the staff.


1. The company supports the fight against money laundering and terrorism by adopting this AML Compliance Policy to prevent the Agent's financial services from being used to promote such criminal activity.
2. Cooperate with all the authorities, to the extent that is permitted by applicable Laws, so as to help them in their efforts to prevent or fight money laundering, and the financing of terrorism proliferation.
3. The company will fully comply with both the intent and letter of all laws and regulations relating to AML, the prevention of terrorist financing and economic sanctions
4. The Agent will train its employees to comply with these laws and regulations. 5. Every employee of the company who conducts or is involved in a Money Service Business (MSB) operation is required to understand and comply with the contents of this document.
6. A copy of this AML Compliance Policy will be kept at each location conducting money services, in a place that is accessible to all employees conducting MSB and Forex transactions.
7. Maintain all customer/transactions related records for at least 10 years or for longer period if the Law in the country requires so.

For more Information Visit Bank Of Uganda AML Policy

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